The Why

“Most scientists believe that birds sing in the morning as a sign to their mates to indicate that they made it through the night and are still alive, able and willing. “
Jeff Goins
Maybe that is why we make art.
To say we are still here.
I hope you are doing well today.
Making art, while social distancing outside. 💕✨MP

Woman’s Day 2020

You are amazing, as is.

Stronger than you know.

More Sacred than you believe.

Worthier than you think

More loved than you can imagine.

Passionate about making a positive difference in the world.

Fierce about protecting those you love.

Still learning, growing, reaching out ,unfurling.

You are brave, scared, powerful, giving, nurturing, quirky, not alone, smart, fumbling, whole,

flawsome, smart, funny, sparkly, creative, mindful, engaged, vibrant , adventurous, authentic.

Rise and Shine like the Sun and blind them with your radiance !

Honoring the many wonderful Women in my life. xoxo MPC

Can you hear the music?

It all began 11 years ago when my Mother was in a nursing home in Redford. She called me and asked me if I would join her for the musical program. I agreed, I always enjoyed spending time with her.
That is where the magic began.
The guitarist was great, his energy was contagious and his smile lit up the room. My Mom sang along to the music he played and I saw her spirit lifted. I watched the sleepy Alzheimer patients perk up and sing along.
The music danced and played all throughout the room, we joined in with clapper hands, tambourines and there was even some dancing going on. Every time that year the guitarist came to play, I got a call from Mom asking me to join her. I wouldn’t miss the guitarist show for the world. I am forever grateful for the shared experience and the
wonderful moments, as that was my Mom’s last year of life.
During that year I got to know the guitarist better; his name was Paul (aka Cat Canyon), we liked similar music, and we had great conversations. I started to go to some of his shows at wineries and breweries. His fans are the best, friendly and welcoming . Every show continued to be a great experience.
When Cat decided to make his own music, his own words, I knew it would be great. His talent is beyond amazing. He asked if I would listen to a song and then draw a piece of art for his new CD. One day in December he came to my art studio and played his guts out. I fell in love with the song and was inspired to create some pieces. I am so honored to be a part of his journey.

When I think of my life and all the music that has touched my heart, I can’t imagine a  life with out songs and lyrics and melodies. Think of the places your heart goes when you hear your favorite song. Songs transport you to a different time and spark memories. I have songs that remind me of people and put a smile on my face. I have morning songs, songs I paint to, songs to dance and cook to as well. My husband and I have “our song”.
What is your favorite song?